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operations summary

Clout Fund, LLC (“Clout Fund”) began operations in February 2024 with the purpose of raising debt to purchase membership interests in Clout Capital LLC (“Clout Capital”). Clout Capital, a related party owned and managed affiliate entity to the Fund, will use the funds to leverage a line of credit to make private bridge loans on 1-8 unit Residential and 2-8 unit Mixed-use properties.

Clout Capital provides investors with seamless private financing solutions that empower them to achieve their personal goals within the realm of real estate. Our mission is to simplify the borrowing process and offer a comprehensive range of financial options that cater to the unique needs of each investor. By leveraging our expertise and industry insights, we aim to deliver a seamless and efficient lending experience, ensuring our clients have the necessary resources to pursue their real estate ambitions with confidence. Our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction drives us to be the preferred choice for private financing, enabling investors to unlock the full potential of their real estate endeavors.

Product / Service

Clout Capital specializes in providing asset-based bridge loans, tailored to meet the unique needs of real estate investors. Our loan qualification process considers the asset, FICO score, and liquidity of the client. We primarily serve the tri-state area, offering our expertise and services in the following areas:

  • Fix and Flip:
    We offer financing solutions for investors engaged in the fix and flip strategy. Whether you're purchasing a property, renovating it, or preparing it for sale, our bridge loans provide the capital needed to execute your investment strategy quickly.
  • Buy to Hold:
    For investors looking to build their real estate portfolio for long-term rental income, we offer bridge loans to facilitate the acquisition of properties. These loans enable investors to secure the property and generate cash flow while they prepare for long-term financing.
  • Buy to Rehab, Rent, and Refinance:
    We understand the strategy of purchasing distressed properties, rehabilitating them, renting them out, and eventually refinancing for long-term financing. Our bridge loans support this comprehensive investment approach, providing the necessary capital for property acquisition, renovation, and cash flow generation.
  • Refinance (Rate & Term or Cash Out):
    Whether you're seeking to optimize your financing terms or access equity in your investment properties, we offer refinancing options. Our rate and term refinancing allows investors to secure better loan terms, while cash—out refinancing provides access to capital based on the property's increased value.
  • Ground—Up Construction:
    We provide financing for ground-up construction projects, supporting investors in developing new properties from the ground up. Our bridge loans help cover construction costs, ensuring a smooth process from inception to completion.
  • Clout Capital's range of asset-based bridge loan services empowers real estate investors to execute various investment strategies. With our expertise and dedication to exceptional service, we strive to be your trusted partner in achieving your real estate investment goals.

    Maximum Offering


    Minimum Offering


    Minimum Investment


    Clout Capital is a bridge lender specializing in financing residential properties ranging from one to eight units, as well as mixed-use properties comprising two to eight units. As a prominent player in the private money lending market, we have a comprehensive understanding of the unique needs of real estate investors.

    terms of the offering


    Minimum Offering: $100,000

    Minimum Investment: $100,000

    The Fund is offering a minimum of $100,000 and a maximum of $20,000,000 Promissory Notes at a face value of $10,000 per Note. Upon completion of the Offering between 10 and 2,000 Promissory Notes will be issued and outstanding.

    Promissory Note Terms

    Series: Unsecured Adjustable Rate Promissory Note

    Note Method: Minimum of $100,000 investment, illustrated on one data sheet and Notes signed by individual manager, Chris Clifford, and mailed to the Lender.

    Yield: Interest under the Note will accrue on any unpaid Loan Amount, beginning on the Loan Start Date and continuing until the full Loan Amount has been paid; and will accrue first at the yearly rate equal to the Starting Loan Interest Rate, and then at a rate which may change and which will be determined in accordance with the Note, beginning on the First Interest Rate Change Date, which is one year after the Loan Start Date, and thereafter annually. Each date on which the Note’s interest rate could change is called a “Change Date.”

    Each Note’s interest rate will be based on an “Index” that is calculated and provided to the general public by an administrator (“Administrator”). The “Index” is a benchmark known as the thirty-day Average SOFR index and is currently published by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. The most recent Index value available within the forty-five day preceding each Change Date is called the “Current Index”

    Before each Change Date, the Borrower will calculate the Note’s new interest rate by adding four (4.00%) percentage points (the “Margin”) to the Current Index. The Margin may change if the Index is replaced in accordance with this Section. The Borrower will then round the result of the sum of the Margin plus the Current Index to the nearest one-eighth of one percentage point (0.125%).

    The Note’s new interest rate will become effective on each Change Date and, from Change Date to Change Date, the Parties agree that Borrower’s new Quarterly Payment or Accrual may change, if and anytime the Note’s interest rate changes on a Change Date.

    The Borrower shall honor the Lender’s Quarterly Interest Election such that if the Lender shall choose the: (1) “Pay in Cash Via Wire” option, then the Borrower shall pay the quarterly interest payments that come due, in arrears, under the Note, in cash, via wire payment transfers to Lender; or (2) “Accrue and Reinvest” option, then the Borrower shall instead, quarterly, add such accrued interest, in arrears, to the then unpaid Loan Amount, so that the interest shall not currently be paid, but shall instead accrue and be reinvested such that it shall by that amount increase the Loan Amount. If the Lender does not receive, and/or the Borrower shall not choose, the Lender’s Quarterly Interest Election, then the Parties agree that the Borrower shall have unconditional and absolute discretion to make such choice and the Borrower shall thus be entirely free to choose and use either the “Pay in Cash Via Wire” option or the “Accrue and Reinvest” option.

    Maturity: Anytime after the Earliest Prepay or Redemption Date, the Lender may in writing demand that the Loan Amount, together with any and all then accrued and unpaid interest, be fully paid and, within ninety days after the Borrower’s receipt of this written demand from the Lender, the Borrower agrees the Borrower shall so pay the entire unpaid Loan Amount, if any, together with any and all interest that shall accrue and be unpaid continuing through and until the date the Note is fully paid.

    Security: Unsecured

    Estimated Use of Proceeds

    Our unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional service and a profound understanding of the market landscape sets us apart as a trusted partner. We empower investors to navigate the evolving housing landscape with confidence and achieve resounding success.


    Meet the Team

    The company is managed by Christopher Clifford and is comprised by seasoned business and sector professionals dedicated to the success of the Company and efficient execution of its planned operations.

    Christopher Clifford


    Christopher Clifford

    Managing Member

    Christopher Clifford founded Cliffco, Inc. (“Cliffco” or “Cliffco Mortgage Bankers”) thirty-three years ago as a broker, starting from the basement of his home with a modest investment of $20,000 from his retirement account. Initially, Cliffco’s focus was on subprime second mortgages and assisting borrowers in improving their financial situations. In 2000, Christopher obtained a banking license, which marked the beginning of a steady and gradual ascent for Cliffco. Throughout the years, Cliffco successfully secured approvals from Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and the Federal Housing Administration (FHA), establishing solid relationships with major players in the industry and maintaining positive connections with warehouse partners. Presently, Cliffco’s partnerships include First Horizon, Flagstar, and The Bank of California.

    Around six years ago, Cliffco ventured into the realm of NON-QM loans and subsequently developed a small but thriving third-party origination (TPO) business. In early 2022, Christopher applied for and secured a line of credit with Webster Bank to facilitate 1-8 family and small mixed- use bridge lending. This addition to Cliffco’s portfolio has proven to be a valuable asset, and Cliffco is currently utilizing the line to its full capacity, exclusively catering to retail business.

    Besides his passion for the mortgage industry, Christopher’s true love lies in constructing and repairing homes and buildings. Over the past decade, he has successfully built ten new homes, and he recently completed a comprehensive renovation project for a 93,000 sqft. office building. Additionally, he has recently delved into fix-and-flip lending, a new endeavor that excites him.

    With Clout Capital LLC, his newest venture, currently boasting a net worth of $3.7 million, and Cliffco’s net worth reaching approximately $7.5 million, Christopher’s ultimate objective is to leverage his business accomplishments to create an even more substantial enterprise.

    Adam Broder


    Adam Broder

    Adam Broder is a seasoned professional with over two decades of experience in the mortgage industry. Originally from East Meadow, New York, Adam has been hardworking from a young age. When he was only twenty-two, he was able to purchase his first residential construction property and at twenty-four, he acquired his first building. From then on, Adam knew his true calling.

    Adam has worked closely with Christopher since 2010 and assisted with the development of Clout Capital and the expansion of Cliffco, Inc as Vice President. Adam has since broken-down barriers by growing, nurturing, and expanding Cliffco and Clout Capital to the Mortgage Banking and Real Estate industries. He is also the owner of a Title Insurance company, Island Estates Abstract.

    As a Real Estate Investor, Adam has successfully renovated 160 homes, demonstrating a keen eye for real estate opportunities. His experience in Residential Real Estate has allowed him to transition into the Commercial world. In 2018, Adam purchased a 93,000 sqft. building located in Uniondale, New York. This building was vacant at purchase and within 5 years, he was able to fully renovate the property. The building has reached 100% occupancy, including but not limited to medical offices, a State-of- the-Art Conference room, Media Center, Fitness Room, and Cafeteria.

    With his experience in Ground Up construction and home renovations, Adam has the knowledge and ability to help investors with their projects. With Clout Capital, Adam is venturing in private lending, further solidifying his expertise in the financial aspects of real estate.

    Ace Watanasuparp


    Ace Watanasuparp

    Ace Watanasuparp is a partner at Cliffco Mortgage Bankers. With an illustrious career spanning over two decades in the finance and real estate industry, Ace has continually broken barriers and achieved unprecedented success. Prior to joining Cliffco, Ace was the National Director of Strategic Sales at Citizens Bank Home Mortgage Division, Ace played a pivotal role in expanding Citizens Bank into new residential markets. He oversaw Residential Lending in 28 footprint states, leading to the capture of unprecedented market share in purchase financing and refinancing. Under his leadership, Citizens Bank achieved remarkable milestones, including $15 billion in funded volume in 2021 and $43 billion in funding volume in 2022.

    Prior to his role at Citizens Bank, Ace served as the President of Douglas Elliman's lending arm with Dottie Herman and Howard Lorber, where he facilitated the funding of $ 4 billion in loans annually in major markets such as NY, CT, FL, Colorado, Boston and California.

    Ace is also an avid real estate investor purchasing his first home when he was 22, with a portfolio of residential, commercial and air BNB homes, Ace’s latest projects consists of a 48 unit rental project and a 132 unit new construction build in upstate NY along with a couple of mix use buildings for his hospitality company.

    A native New Yorker of Thai and Taiwanese ancestry, Ace became the first Asian-American in the University of Connecticut’s history to “Walk-On” to the prestigious men’s basketball team; he then went onto NYU Law School. Ace has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Brick Underground, Real Estate Weekly, NY Real Estate Journal, and the Mann Report as an expert in Residential Lending.

    Jame Chen


    Jame Chen

    James Chen is a seasoned professional in the mortgage industry with an impressive track record spanning two decades. James has been a dedicated force in the finance sector, providing expert guidance and securing optimal mortgage solutions for clients.

    One of James’s notable achievements was being named Rookie of the Year at Preferred Empire Mortgage, a subsidiary of Douglas Elliman Real Estate Company. This early recognition spoke to his innate talent and drive in the field. His relentless pursuit of excellence has led him to win numerous awards throughout his career and secure a spot as one of the top loan officers at Citizens Bank for the past five consecutive years.

    James has consistently closed over $100M each year. This level of performance is a testament to his unwavering commitment to his clients’ financial well-being. As a former board member of the Chinese American Real Estate Association (CAREA) and a proud member of the Asian Real Estate Association (AREAA), James is deeply invested in the real estate community. His fluency in both English and Chinese allows him to connect with a diverse range of clients, providing a seamless and personalized experience.

    Outside of the office, James cherishes quality time with his family and indulges his passion for exploration through travel. An avid reader, he finds solace and inspiration in the pages of books. Complementing his love for literature, James embraces the challenge of CrossFit, embodying discipline and determination in all aspects of his life.

    Ryan Riddle


    Ryan Riddle

    Ryan Riddle is Vice President at Cliffco Inc. In the span of little more than five years, he went from an individual with a background in catering to a distinguished partner at one of Long Island’s premier mortgage institutions.

    Over this brief timeframe, he has personally facilitated transactions exceeding $500 million in residential and commercial loans, overseen originations exceeding $1 billion, and successfully maintained the coveted position of holding the #1 market share in the fiercely competitive Long Island market.

    Beyond his notable achievements in the mortgage realm, Riddle has diversified his portfolio to include Insurance Brokerage, specializing in safeguarding real estate assets. Furthermore, Ryan diversified his portfolio further when he co-founded Tilre Media, a New York media company specializing in marketing, branding, and amplifying personal and business brands, particularly in the real estate sector. The company aims to establish clients’ omnipresence and unparalleled influence through innovative strategies.

    In addition to his entrepreneurial ventures, Riddle is the founder of an Entrepreneurship Conference, a platform that disseminates knowledge and fosters personal growth by uniting thousands under the guidance of distinguished luminaries, including the likes of real estate magnate Grant Cardone. For Ryan, success transcends individual accomplishments; it revolves around forging enduring relationships, nurturing trust, and championing a business ethos that champions mutual prosperity.


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